As Black people we've historically not had the same opportunities, financial help, or network that seem to really hold us back. Add that with having to be twice as good for half as much and you're left to struggle.

I just wanted to quickly share some things about why and what Greenwoodx is. Despite an increasing focus on representation across industries, only 3% of Silicon Valley’s workforce population is Black, there are 3 Black CEOs in the Fortune 500, and only 0.0006% of tech venture funding goes to Black female founders. Though Black people make up nearly 13 percent of the United States population, they hold less than 3 percent of the nation’s total wealth.


Unlock the global combined power of Black professionals to create massive economic and social progress through conversations and networking.

What's in a name?

The name Greenwoodx pays homage to Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of the most prolific Black cities in American history. In 1921, Greenwood was the site of a anti-Black massacre that decimated the city and its thriving members. It has never recovered to its former glory.

When I sit and imagine, “What would Greenwood be like today if this atrocity never took place?” I envision a place of immense Black wealth and knowledge. A place where students and professionals alike would travel to far and wide. It would be the home of doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, technologists, chemists, engineers, and so on. A place where ideas and enterprise would flow more freely than Silicon Valley and guidance, mentorship, and inclusion would be widely available.

Greenwoodx is the realization of that vision for the 21st century, powered by the technology of today. It bridges the gap between the amazing talent that has yet to be discovered in underrepresented communities and the people that foster growth and opportunity.

It’s kind of like the next generation of LinkedIn, but Black and better.

Black LinkedIn ...


Tremayne Stewart